About Us

We know how hard moving can be.

Our company was created to take the stress out of moving for older adults and their families. We’re here to take care of you from start to finish.

We are passionate about our company and treat each client as if they were family. We approach every job with compassion, respect, and a sense of humor. We LOVE what we do.

We help you to:

  • Plan your move
  • Prepare floor plans
  • Downsize and de-clutter
  • Sort and organize items
  • Donate items to various charities
  • Sell items through consignment or auction
  • Recycle unwanted items
  • Pack-up all household items
  • Select the best movers
  • Move everything in your home
  • Unpack and set-up new residence
  • “Reveal” your next phase home

We realize that moving is a difficult process and our goal is to provide you guidance and support. A move involves a great deal of skill, tenacity, and time and our team of experts can simplify the process for you. Our clients believe that calling us to coordinate all aspects of their move was one of the best decisions they made.

Susan Dunkley, President

Susan Dunkley is an experienced senior move manager. She is committed to helping all clients, with a focus on seniors, to make their move as seamless and stressless as possible.  Susan has been an active member of the Peterborough Community for over 30 years.  She has worked in both business and not for profits and has served over 50 different charities/not for profits in the community with countless volunteer hours.  Susan has gained a reputation of working hard and caring for her community.  She is highly organized and has years of experience in successfully coordinating successful events.

In particular, Susan’s work at the Kawartha Memory Clinic and the Alzheimer Society ignited a passion and understanding that benefit her clients and their families.  

Susan has completed her Canadian Institute of Management certification, her Certification of Relocation and Transitioning Seniors (CRTS), and National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM)

How We Came to Be

During the summer of Covid, a family member had to move from Ontario to New Brunswick.  With limited options due to lockdowns, the task fell to Susan to pack up the family and move them. FMy family members were overwhelmed as there was a LOT to go through. and it needed to be done in a very short time. Years of accumulated items that had precious meaning at one time were now a burden to sort through and the choosing of precious items to keep and decide on how to dispose of that which no longer had meaning or service.  Items were shared with family members, numerous trips to the Reuse it Store were made, and items that couldn’t be sold or recycled were disposed of.  There were still ample items for them to set up their new home in New Brunswick. 

It was then that Susan realized that there was a great need for elders of our community for this type of service.  The need in the community is amplified by the complications of Covid.  Often family members cannot travel to support their loved ones as they make this life-changing transition, and when that happens, Suzi Home Maker will be there to help on their behalf.

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The company Suzi Home Maker provides excellent service at every stage of your move! Our goal is to ensure your move is made easy without any stress.


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